Portraits are treasured keepsakes that need to be printed, hung and/or put in beautiful folio boxes or albums and passed down for generations. Our photographs are moments in time we cannot get back once they are gone. Do not leave them in a disk or computer.. let them live.


Everyone should exist in pictures. Especially women!  Women tend to have the hardest time being in photographs. There are always reasons you can find not to be in pictures, but those that love you only see you and want those memories to treasure as much as you want theirs. Exist in pictures for your loved ones!

About Cherie Lyn Photography

I started my career in photography early as a photojournalist in the Army.  This began my journey of seeing life through a camera lens. I love being able to document special moments in time that are unique to the person I am photographing. My favorite part of the process is showing my clients their finished images and seeing their reaction, especially women!   

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